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Restored KDF gearbox up for sale!

One of my friend selling his restored KDF gearbox complet with axles. All parts has the cogwheel logo. More here:


Geza's oval got back its orig shape.




Nick's coooool rat oval!

I got this pics from Austaralia sent by Nick (the owner of this headturner). Read his lines:

"Its a 1956 Oval originally Horizon Blue but after sitting in a paddock for 30 years the Australian sun has burnt off most of the paint. Amazingly the car had almost no rust. The drivers side floor pan has been replaced and the flat area between the dash and the petrol tank was rusted out, due to a couple of decades worth of rat piss, shit and carcasses. It has a 4 1/2 inch narrowed beam with adjusters and drop spindles and the rear is down 7 and up 7 splines. The engine is a 2.7lt type 4,80mmx104mm. The heads were done in california and the motor built here in South Australia. 46x40 valves, 12mm sparkplugs relocated to the 914 position welded ports etc,etc. It was only completed 500 km ago so I can't tell you how much power its got but its SCARY fast. Should be able to get it on a dyno in the next few weeks."

Thank You Nick for the pics and infos! I wish the bests for your projects!

Bad news from Geza. His oval got accident.



and the PIC OF THE DAY...

Some cool late Ghias from net.

Friends rides. Ambrus' 52 Barndoor under kniwes.

Ambrus 52-es busza érdekes látványt nyújt jelenleg, de pánikra semmi ok, hamarosan csapatunk a Föld (egyik?) legöregebb, extra nyitható csomagtér ajtóval ellátott Barndoor gépével!
This is how Ambrus' 52 bus looks today, but no panic, we will ride soon with (one of ?) the oldest Barndoor of the World, what equipped with openable rear hatch!


Cruise night!

Nice gift from Qka.

A cool, ratty, Sico budvase!
Thank You very mutch!