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A beast for today. Hebmüller rally car!


VWs in Hungary anno. KDF at the Hero's Square, Budapest.


BG's PG/SG camper T1 bus from 1957.

I asked Gabi to send some images about his beautifully restored camper T1. We can see it was a huge work to bring this rusty bucket to life again. And it not just living again, but a real eye-catcher when she moves on the streets. Easy to fallen in love to this beauty, the most popular Palm Green / Sand Green paint and the camper interior makes it to a real dream bus. Great job!



VWs in Hungary anno. Kübelwagen ruin at the Rácz Thermal Bath.


My ex. 65 Standard Bug.

 Just found this image of my beloved Bug. I can say it was one of my favorites. I love standards, I love original cars, I love patina, so this car was simply perfect! BUT here in "Orbanistan" not able to drive rusty and lowered cars legally on the streets so I decided to sell. All rat-rods and home-made vehicles are trailered to the shows and meetings. Sad...

NOS Soviet chevron mudflaps.

 Not fitted just checking the look. I think it looks awesome!